Just who is Roger Helmer?

How many times has Steve said "Mmmm"?

What is a hooberstank?

Regular Features: "Better than Heaven, because there's more sex"

Have you just gone and shat on Log's floor?

When did they last say "The show that's the same every week"?

Whose Feature began "falling away like a wet paper bag?"

Who said "Woof it up, ladies!"?

Have you just shat on Steve's towel?

Who just came in on a banana boat?

Who was trapped in the eye of the shitstorm?

Who on Regular Features team is "the kooky one that breaks everything?"

In which episode did Log say "gaba-gaba-gaba-ga-doyng"?

Will someone give Joe Skrebels a job? Anyone?!?

Why DO bums suddenly explode?

Why can't Gav manage a single sentence without using the word "like"?

In how many episodes does Gav talk about his porno addiction?

When did Matt say "I could really suck a fat dick about now"?

Who has snapped more banjo strings than a George Formby convention?

How many times has Log mentioned his willy?

How often does Matt say "basically" in every episode?

Who hates being the most squalid person on the podcast?

Why do these bone-heads refer to podcast LISTENERS as READERS?

Who claims their own mother looks just like Tommy Cooper?

Is that a volcano or a paedophile?

Onion, served hot, in a bun. 100% pure onion!

Which total muppet edited episode 5 and put the same jingle in TWICE?

Who might run out of trumpet juice?

When did Matt last try to claim he was straight?

Which Regular Features host is the LEAST dedicated to the podcast?!?