Lazy Compilation Special 2

Sad news folks. Owing to an unavoidable technical glitch that made us all sound like dirty robots we've had to humanely destroy the *real* episode 117, so instead here's a collection of classic features from the archives. From episode 36, Gav's story about a slurry pervert. From episode 45, Steve and Log's time travelling jokes. From episode 8, Matt's story about an island of Richards.


Hello readers, this is Steve from "Regular Features" podcast and, unfortunately, there is no new podcast this week because I just went to try and edit it to upload it for you and we all sounded really crap, like robots, err, trapped in a well. So, instead of that, err, I've put together a compilation episode for you with some classic features from the archives. These… These have been voted some of the best features that we've ever done. So, in fact, in many ways, it's better than a new episode of Regular Features and "This American Life" does this kind of thing all the time and they're the most popular podcast in the world, so I think we should be allowed to do it too. Err, if you are on Patreon, if you are one of our Patreons, err, we're not gonna charge for this one, obviously, because it's old stuff, and we'll be back next Thursday with our proper voices and, err, sounding more like humans. I've haven't listened through the features to make sure that we didn't say anything weird in them. Like, we might talk about live shows coming up and stuff, but just ignore that. Just remember that it's all the past. Err, some of it's from very long time ago so, we might… you know… We're just… We're different people. We were just different people back then. So I hope you enjoy these features from the past and we will see you next week. Bye!
"I Like A Regular Feature (Mexican Style)"