Cast and Crew

The following artistes have performed their respective characters since the show's inception:

Harry Basildon

Long-time star of many West End performances, Harry Basildon plays the ensemble's formidable matriarch, Jon "Log" Blyth.

"Well darling, let me tell you, of course it really is just an absolute delight and a privilege to play the part of the lovable Log", exclaims Harry warmly. "He's like the proverbial over-the-top pantomime dame, always out to shock, but wouldn't actually harm a fly. I just adore what the script-writers do with the character and they even let me ad-lib the occasional line as well. For example, I always like to make sure that Log refers to his willy at least once in each episode - well, it wouldn't be an episode of Regular Features otherwise!"

Starting his career in music, Harry can often still be found in his local ale establishment, The King Billy, regaling the patrons there by playing the banjo.

Andrew Watson

Former Hollyoaks heart-throb and celebrity socialite Andrew Watson spent the first four years of his career studying at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) and now relishes the challenge of portraying the massively egocentric Steve Hogarty, a character who is often seen failing hopelessly in his attempts to raise the level of the podcast out of the gutter.

"It's been said many times, but it's so true - 'if it ain't on the page, it ain't on the stage!' - it really is", laughs Andrew. "Regular Features really does have the best script writers in the business and I'm always amazed and astounded when the next script arrives, which is actually quite unusual because I'm usually really difficult to impress and quite impossible to please".

Andrew receives many bags of fan mail each week, much of it often addressed to the fictional character of Steve. "Urgh, don't mention fan mail to me!", remarks Andrew candidly. "I hate it with such a passion and I wish people wouldn't send it. What with learning lines, the script read-throughs, the countless rehearsals and the final tapings of the show, I just don't have the time to answer any of it. I always have to be very aloof!"

Andrew lives in the Cotswolds with his wife and two young children, Sam and Jessie.

Valerie Meriweather

The casting of trans-gendered actress Valerie Meriweather immediately brought a unique insight into playing the tremendously difficult role of the sexually-ambiguous character of Matt Lees.

"For sure, I can understand why everyone thinks that Matt is gay", says Valerie about the persona she plays, the campest character of the group. "But you see, what the audience doesn't realise though is that the script-writers addressed that whole issue in an early episode of the show". Valerie is referring to the controversial episode in which it was revealed that Matt Lees is, in fact, a eunuch. "Much to my annoyance, when the advertisers previewed that episode, they got cold feet, the show was censored and it was never broadcast", recalls Valerie. Although an extensive search has been undertaken, sadly, that particular episode has since been lost.

"It is very difficult and quite hard work playing a character every week that the audience so dislikes", reflects Valerie reproachfully. "The script-writers always give Matt really crap features, and when I'm memorizing my lines I'm thinking, 'Guys! You're killing my character here!', but I try to imbue into Matt a kind of innocent, loveable stupidity and I like to think that the audience picks up on that".

Evan Congleton

Hard-core fans of Regular Features will know that, originally, another actor was cast in the role of the likeable, but border-line pervert, Gavin Murphy.

Unfortunately however, the original actor immediately experienced an allergic reaction to the glue used during the application of the heavy prosthetic makeup and costume required for the character. The producers therefore went back to the drawing board, and wrote the character out of the first episode. As a result of modern digital recording techniques and meticulous editing that even George Lucas would be proud of, this initial imagining of the "Gav" character in the first episode was digitally removed in post-production.

With the role re-cast after the show's initial public premiere and awarded to Welsh actor Evan Congleton, who had just graduated from the Guildford School of Acting, history was made and the final line-up of the now famous quartet of miscreants was complete.

"What my fellow performers don't understand" recalls Evan with mock resentment, "is that while they are all still sleeping in their luxury trailers or helping themselves to the sumptuous food served during each recording session at the catering table, I have to be at the studio at 4:30am to get glued into that fat suit - a painstaking process which takes several hours. After that, the prosthetic pieces are fitted. I don't mind telling you, all that hair is a nightmare to apply - it's like wearing a bloody gorilla suit all day long. I think the special effects makeup team told me once that they use yak hair. Real elderly male yak hair!"

Hugo von Česynas

As the token ethnic character of the group, Bulgarian-born Hugo von Česynas brings to life the fictional character of unemployed, unskilled Latvian immigrant Joe Skrebels. Although rarely seen, his recurring character has been described as "the fifth Beatle of Regular Features" and, on occasion, Hugo can sometimes be seen performing as understudy Gavin Murphy.

Hugo is delighted to be making his professional debut in this production.